Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

This ministry has always focused on reaching the lost for Jesus Christ. We have noticed a great need for a revival of the simple, yet powerful message of salvation. This month we are offering two free sermons from a camp meeting in Shelby, OH.

One message is from Calvin Ray Evans entitled, “How Can You Be Saved?” The other sermon is by Brian Baer, “Only Believe.” We are praying these will not only challenge you to search your own heart, but also be an evangelistic tool to reach your unsaved family and friends.

Soon the season of salvation will be over and we want to do all we can to reach those who need Jesus while there is still time! Therefore, we are giving you an opportunity to receive a free copy of these services on DVD or Audio CD, free of charge! Just fill out the form below the images or contact our office today at (800) 767-8713!

Evangelistic Outreach: Gift Offer

Our Gift to You!