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July Newsletter and Gift Offer

America: A Time to Stand

This month we are extending you an invitation. First we are inviting you to pray for our nation. We are in a most critical hour and prayer is the key to see genuine revival come to this country. When this country was founded on July 4th, 1776, God was first place. Now, we have walked away from God and we are seeing the results. However, Christians should be more excited than ever before. We have the answer to the problems… His name in Jesus. Freedom is still free because Jesus paid the price for our sins. So join us as we focus our prayers to God for the United States of America.

July Gift Offer

Second, we invite you to order this month’s free gift offer. The Spring Jubilee was one of the most anointed and exciting meetings we have been a part of in its 20 year history. We captured some wonderful footage from the meeting and compiled it onto 2 DVDs or 3 Audio CDs. The best news is, this offer is absolutely FREE! You’re only requirement is to contact us. You can fill out the form on this page or you can call our office at (800) 767-8713. We would love to send this Spring Jubilee free gift offer to you. Please accept this invitation!

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries: July Gift Offer 

Finally, we invite you to consider supporting this ministry. Summer has been extremely difficult. If you have been following us for any length of time, you know that we do not spend much time asking for money. However, please consider a special summer love gift to get us through these difficult times. Our latest newsletter gave reports of lives being changed all over the world and this is simply not possible without an army of loved ones to share the burden with us! If you would need more information please call us! If you would like to donate securely on this website, please click here. Any amount is appreciated and I promise you, the Lord will bless you!

God bless you.

Brian Baer

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries: Christian Baptist Camp Meeting 2016

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Evangelistic Outreach Ministries: Calvin Evans Memorial Camp Meeting

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