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Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

December Newsletter and Gift Offer

Evangelistic Outreach: Changed by His Birth

What a change has been made since Christ was born. December is a month of joy and adoration to the new born king. Where would we be if not for His birth? Calvin Ray wrote in a recent newsletter – “Jesus changed society by His birth. Have you ever thought about the impact His birth has made on society? In the ancient world, children were routinely left to die of exposure and often sold into slavery. Jesus changed it all. His treatment and teachings led to establishment of orphanages and exalted the blessings of children to any society. If you take time to search the impact of His birth on society, you will see how everything changed because of His birth. Christianity became the basis of change in everything from science, to education, to business and establishment of His church. Because of His birth, millions have been fed and clothed. Widows have been fed. Colleges and universities have been built. Hospitals have been erected. Jesus birth changed society. Every good gift that has come down from the Father has passed through the life and hands of His Son - Jesus Christ. So, the world before His birth was one without charity, without sanctity of life, without hospitals, without universities, without benevolence. What a difference His birth has made.”

As we celebrate this life changing event, we want to extend to you a couple of ways you can be a gift to others. First we are still seeking help for our Christmas Food Basket project. Your gift can help provide needy families with food this Christmas right here in the Appalachias. You can donate to the food basket project by clicking here or feel free to contact our office at (800) 767-8713.

Evangelistic Outreach: Christmas Food Basket Project

We also ask that you pray about a special Christmas offering for this ministry. The focus of this outreach is providing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people all around the world. In addition, the ministry helps those suffering in need here in America and overseas. The only way we can carry on with this labor of love is by your willingness to respond to our appeal for support. It takes money to carry on a ministry of this size. We appreciate so much those who support us already with your prayers and finances. However, we only hear from a small percentage of those we communicate with all year. We have never called on you if the need is not real. This month makes all the difference for the ministry. That is why your CHRISTMAS OFFERING is so important. We ask you to do your best to support us this month. The need has never been greater. Everything we offer in gifts and resources are without cost to anyone. Every mission project never has any administration or handling fee attached to it. So, all of your gift goes directly to the cause. In order to continue to operate at the current level of outreach, WE MUST HEAR FROM YOU THIS MONTH! Click here to donate a secure Christmas offering or call our office at (800) 767-8713.

Our Gift to You!

Evangelistic Outreach: November Gift Offer

We are excited to offer you a Christmas CD filled with 16 classics to fill your home and your heart! This CD is our gift to you from this ministry. All you need to do is fill out the form below and we will promptly return the CD to you so you can enjoy these great songs right away! You may also contact our office at (800) 767-8713 for more information.

Evangelistic Outreach: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us at Evangelistic Outreach Ministries!

He came to where we are - that we might go to where He is.
He was rejected – that we might be accepted.
He was condemned – that we might be forgiven.
He was punished – that we might be pardoned.
He suffered – that we might be strengthened.
He was wounded – that we might be healed.
He was hated – that we might be loved.

Brian Baer

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Evangelistic Outreach: Noel, Night of Everlasting Love

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